"Engauged" is a combination of two words: engaged and gauged (as in "measured"). Why is it important to engage and measure? That's easy.

Because consumers are bombarded every day with marketing messages that advertisers spend trillions of dollars every year on. Most of these efforts are easy to ignore because target audiences are rarely

And yet, research shows that people remember roughly 20% of what they see, 40% of what they see and hear, and up to 75% of what they see, hear and DO. Did you catch that?
Consumers are nearly 4x more likely to remember a marketing message if they are engaged by it.

So the first step was to create a much more engaging brand experience. In 1998, we trademarked a brand new model of interactive brand advertising we called a "Webspot." We incorporated everything we learned over a decade in some of the top ad agencies in the country in broadcast, print and out-of-home media. And we applied our award-winning taste, quality standards and professional sensibilities to the online and interactive "new" media. And guess what? It kicked ass.

Okay, but how do you know if you're engaging people unless you're able to actually measure their activities and actions?

Well, we've actually been doing just that since 1998 with a completely anonymous, embedded real-time measurement tool we call "beacons." The data comes in and we are able to optimize interactive campaigns on-the-fly and fine tune our efforts for continuous improvement and unparalled response rates.

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